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Pulled Muscle

Doc, “It’s Just a Pulled Muscle…”            How often have we bent over to pick up something, turned too quickly, or slept awkwardly, and felt pain, muscle soreness, or restriction of motion?  This scenario has or will likely happen to all of us at some point in time.  At least once a week, I will […]

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Japanese researchers report that just a small amount of exercise each week can significantly reduce blood pressure in otherwise inactive patients.  They studied 207 sedentary men and women diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure), and prescribed varying amounts of exercise with a health club trainer.  They found that those who engaged in a total of […]

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There are many different alternative means of aiding sleep without the use of medication.  One of the first things I recommend to patients is to establish and maintain a regular, fairly vigorous exercise regimen.  By doing so your body is breaking down muscle, reducing stress and using up energy, and therefore needs that recuperative rest […]

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