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Auto Accidents


Most of us, at some point in time, will be involved in an auto injury accident. Sometimes the soreness, stiffness, neck and back pain are immediate. But what many do not know, is that the injuries sustained may have caused long lasting damage that may not be apparent at the time of the incident. Many patients have symptoms that may occur immediately, or days or weeks after the accident.

Common auto injuries causing back pain

  • WHIPLASH: This is the rapid forward and backward, angular, or side to side movement of the neck, following the impact to the vehicle. It can cause neck pain, headaches and dizziness. Most whiplash injuries result in “soft tissue” injuries such as micro
  • SHOULDER PAIN: Most commonly this is caused by either striking the shoulder on something, or restraint injuries that occur from the seatbelt locking and preventing you from going forward.
  • BACK PAIN: Neck pains followed by low back pain are the two most common injuries in car accidents. The symptoms can range from soreness and stiffness to local pain or pain referring into an arm or leg. It is important to get evaluated immediately after an automobile accident.

Research has demonstrated that the amount of damage done to a vehicle has no direct correlation on the amount of injury sustained by the occupant(s). Studies indicate that injuries can occur from impacts at 8 mph with little to no damage to the vehicle. Women in particular, are more susceptible to severe injuries than men. Even with today’s auto-body construction and crumple zones, the energy transmitted to the vehicle is absorbed by the head, neck, and back.

The majority of these injuries are “soft-tissue” related. Fractures are rare. When a whiplash occurs, there are micro-tears that occur in the muscles, ligaments and tendons that hold the spine together. More importantly the vertebra are often become misaligned (subluxated), further irritating the nerves. The tears in the soft tissue begin to heal with scar tissue within weeks of the trauma. If treatment is not quickly undertaken, that scar tissue will limit proper range of motion, and delay full recovery. The next time you or someone you know is in an auto accident, be sure to have them call Dr. Boardman immediately to evaluate the severity of injuries and get treated right away.


Conditions Treated

Some of the conditions we treat include: headaches, neck/back pain, sciatica, whiplash, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, leg pain, fibromyalgia, and pregnancy back pain. Treatment plans are tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Chiropractic Services

The following services are provided at our clinic: spinal correction, Massage Therapy, sports injury rehab, auto – work accidents, physiotherapy, family/children care, and preventative care.

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We accept most insurance. We are also aware of the high deductibles and out of pocket costs that many insurance plans have, and work with you on those. For those who do not have insurance or very high deductibles, we offer affordable cash plans. Don’t let your insurance stand in the way of getting the care you need!

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