Eight out ten Americans suffer from recurrent low back pain.  Back pain accounts for the single largest ailment for workers’ compensations claims, costing some $20 billion a year.  Chiropractors have been effectively treating low back pain for over a century, but recent research now substantiates what many of our patients have been feeling.  It works!!

Most back pain results from injury, neglect, or misuse.    The spine houses the spinal cord which directs signals out the nerves and to the rest of the body.  Poor posture, lack of exercise, over exertion, and misuse can build up over time and force the spine (vertebra) and or disc out of place.  This puts pressure on the nerves, which not only causes pain, muscle soreness, numbness/tingling, and weakness, but can have far more reaching effects on the body as whole.

A federal government study, released in 1994, found Chiropractic to be one of the most effective methods of treating low back pain.  If you or someone you know is suffering needlessly, give us a call.

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