There are many forces that play a factor in causing the spine to become subluxated (out of place).  Posture, work, sports, awkward sleeping, bending, and lifting, are just a few.  But what keeps the spine in place and why does it get out of alignment?

The body has a neurological memory function called an “ingram.”  Ingrams are patterns of nerve signals that have developed over a period of time, that create a specific function.  The brain knows and gets used to operating with those patterns.  The nerves in these patterns also control the muscles, ligaments and tendons.  So when a vertebra becomes subluxated for a period of time, the body develops a pattern (ingram) around this malposition.  When I adjust the spine in the early stages of care, the body is not used to this new position.  The muscles may respond to this by pulling the spine back out of alignment within a short period of time, thus, the need for more frequent adjustments during initial care.  Eventually, as the body develops new ingrams around the correctly positioned vertebra, and the muscles are strengthened, the person is able to hold the adjustment better, and the frequency of visits is less.   Does this mean that it will always stay in place?

No.  As mentioned previously, various forces will still act upon the spine and cause subluxations.  How often and when it will happen, depends on a number of factors.  When in doubt…get checked out!!



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