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There are many different alternative means of aiding sleep without the use of medication.  One of the first things I recommend to patients is to establish and maintain a regular, fairly vigorous exercise regimen.  By doing so your body is breaking down muscle, reducing stress and using up energy, and therefore needs that recuperative rest to rebuild.  Thus, you have a greater propensity to fall asleep more easily.  Exercise should be performed at least 2-4 hrs. prior to sleeping so as not to keep you energized and awake.

There are natural supplements that help with relaxation that can aid the body in falling asleep faster.  Some of these include magnesium, kava kava and valerian root.  Discuss supplements with your physician to taking.

From a chiropractic perspective, chiropractic adjustments quite often allow people to sleep better by reducing the stress on the joints, relieving nerve interference, and allowing the nervous system to function more efficiently.  Patients are often more relaxed following an adjustment.  In addition to the adjustments, sleeping position/posture is important for a comfortable sleep.  The best positions to sleep, which reduce the stress on the spine, are on your back or on your side.  Sleeping face down increases the curvature in the low back and increases muscle tension and joint stress.

I hope these natural tips help you in gaining that restful night’s sleep!

Dr. John Boardman

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