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Holiday Season

The Holiday season tends to make us do more then we’re usually use to. Hanging Christmas lights, carrying heavy turkeys, running around stores for shopping. Any which could cause stress to the body. Avoid throwing your back out by getting regular adjustments. Wouldn’t you hate to have your back or neck go out on you […]

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Children and Backpacks

Parents, Watch Their Back(packs)!   Every year, children account for over 10,000 backpack-related visits to the emergency department or physicians offices.  These injuries include bruises, sprains and strains, and such chronic problems as persistent back pain.  The daily stress that a backpack puts on a child, can also affect their shoulders, posture, and gait. Unfortunately, […]

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New Patient Referral

Nothing says thank you and shows your trust in our office then a referral of a friend or family member. We strive to give each patient the best care and experience during every office visit. It’s the greatest compliment when  we have our patients refer us new patients! We always like to thank our patients […]

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