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Treatment for Car Accident Patients

Initially when you start treatment in our office you will receive an extensive orthopedic/neurological and spinal exam along with a consultation on your first visit. Which will include computerized testing to objectively diagnose your condition. We utilize a number of different computerized tests, such as: Range of Motion, Strength Testing, Work Simulation Tests, and Surface EMG. This state of the art equipment allows us to provide you with the basis for the best treatment and outcomes. Afterwards Dr. Boardman might suggest for some imaging or addition tests to be done which may include x-rays, MRI or CT scans. He will have you come back into the office with your films and review them with you.  After reviewing those images he will begin with chiropractic care, exercises, stretches, and massage. You typically will be seen about 3 times a week for a few weeks to allow your body to heal and get out of the discomfort you’ve been feeling. He will adjust your treatment plan by the progress he sees in you body. Dr. Boardman will treat you as long as its medically necessary to achieve pre-injury status or max medical improvement. We will do all we can to help you feel better as quickly as possible. We understand your time in valuable and returning to normal daily functions is very important. So if you or anyone you know has been in a car accident please give our office a call so we can start to help you.

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