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How often should I see a chiropractor?

Patients often ask “how often am I going to need to see a chiropractor or how quickly will I get better?” We always say it depends on your end goal. Do you just want quick relief that won’t usually last or relief that will last much longer but might take a little work to get there?

Sure one visit might help you feel slightly better for the moment but it’s not going to correct your issue entirely. We strive to help patients feel better as soon as possible but we also teach our patients how to correct and prevent the issues by teaching at home therapies and exercises, along with regular adjustments.  It’s important to follow the doctor’s treatment guidelines for the best results. Weather it be 2-3 times a week or once every 2 weeks there’s a reason he has given you the protocol. If you follow his instructions you will see the results you want to see quicker than you thought were possible. Most patients take a few weeks to months to correct the underlying issue. It’s important to stick with the care so you can see full results and get back to your normal lifestyle.

Now you need to also remember that some aches and pains have been there for month’s maybe even years and might take more than just a few visits to fix. Some of your spinal problems that may be more severe, and you’ve seen other medical providers for pain management, injections, and possibly even surgery. Luckily we offer an alternative treatment that is an FDA approved non-surgical treatment called Spinal Decompression. If you have ever dealt with any of the following symptoms you could be a candidate: Disc herniation, bulging disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, facet arthrosis, spondylolisthesis, or chronic neck/low back pain.

Once we have helped you get out of pain and feeling back to normal it’s important to continue with regular care. Some patient’s maintenance care might be once a month where others may need to see the chiropractor twice a month. Everyone is a little different so you and the doctor will need to find what works for you and stick with it. If you continue with maintenance care you will prevent little problems from turning into big issues.

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